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Interior Composites

Aeroworks designs and manufactures various composites parts to the OEM manufactures in the interior market. These programs can be either built to print or built to spec. Aeroworks has engineering capabilities to work closely with customers on specific designs for their interior composite parts.

Our experience provides customers unique know-how about composite processes and capabilities we have in house. We manufacture most of the tooling in house. This keeps us independent from outside sources and shortens lead times. These are metal tools for layup and press part as well as jigs either used for trimming or bonding.

For thermoplastic vacuum forming we use quick tooling made of softer materials. All trim tooling is manufactured in house. Some of our layup programs have been for aircraft entry doors covers and surrounds but also slide bustles, credenza panels with curved shapes and ottomans.

Lavatory door panels for both blade / and bifold doors for various aircraft types. Aeroworks has a door panel manufacturing process, which is a hot press to a cold press cool down. Panels are produced out of Honeycomb core with fiberglass skins on the outside. This process has made it possible to keep the door panels flat as is a major specification. The panels design includes all cavities needed in the doors for vents, latches, locks, and trimming on CNC machines provides the cut outs for coat hooks, ashtrays and the machined metal parts like hinges and trimmings where necessary.

Press parts using various prepregs, like glass phenolics or carbon epoxies. Much of our work with this type of product has been seat pans, seat backs and miscellaneous ducting parts. We have worked with various seat manufacturers for many years, manufacturing thousands of these products for multiple programs.

Vacuum forming thermosets using glass phenolics prepregs to produce interior panels for helicopters, pelmets for aircraft interiors, refrigeration housings as well as complex 3D shapes including honeycomb core reinforced parts. Vacuum forming thermoplastic and polycarbonates using aircraft approved materials. These have been used to make parts from cockpit liners, door linings, toilet shrouds, floor pans, ice drawer interior mantels to wing tip light covers and various shrouds that cover anything from tubing and electrical wiring.

CNC trimming operations using 3 and 5 axis machines in house, providing the final cut outs and hole patterns for each part, ensuring all dimensions are within tolerance after validation via 3D inspection with our 3D measuring arms.

Aeroworks also has its independent paint booth, where we can add FST compliant primers and paint systems to the specified colors our customers request. Aeroworks has in house surface preparation capabilities to ensure paint finishes meet customer requirements, whether paint finish is flat or textured. Pad printing capabilities also enable Aeroworks to add texts and logos onto finished products based on customer requirements.

Complex assemblies of hardware by riveting or gluing with adhesives are also provided to support our customers by allowing complete turnkey solutions. This include assembly of quadrants, pivots, or tapes for seating parts, as well as brackets, seals, and various metal/plastic hardware for interior parts.