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Interior Composites Door Covers

Aeroworks has the capability to manufacture complex door covers through a mixture of vacuum forming and laminating processes. The materials used always meet the FST requirements set out by regulatory bodies and our AS9100 quality processes ensure that all materials used meet the highest quality standards.

These covers can be assembled with silicone blade seals, metal brackets and latches, laminated parts, and any other equipment such as lightbulbs that the customer requests in order to create the final assembled part which is installed in the aircraft. All these components are assembled precisely in place through the use of a multitude of assembly jigs which are designed and produced for the specific door cover design. In this way the production time can be reduced and consistency between parts can be ensured. The door covers can be delivered with décor and/or paint applied to the surface of the product in order to achieve the surface finish desired by our customers.

The Aeroworks Engineering team is available to discuss the specific design requirements and work with the customers to find the right combination of materials and processes to achieve the best possible final product.