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Interior Composites Pelmets

Aeroworks has extensive experience in the production of complex molded composite panels and pelmets. These include laminates and sandwich constructions, which can be of any thickness that is required. Aeroworks can also produce composite panels with painted surfaces or we can apply decorative materials or flammability-lowering coatings. In our certified paint booths Aeroworks works with both solvent-based and water-based paints


Aeroworks produces multiple types of laminated parts and assemblies. These parts are made using pre-impregnated (prepreg) materials that we source either from customers or directly from manufacturers depending on the size and scope of the program. We work with both phenolic and epoxy resin systems. These include various types of fiber such as glass, carbon, and aramid materials. The manufacturing method for these parts will differ depending on the specific customer requirements. If the customer does not have specific manufacturing process requirements, then Aeroworks has our own manufacturing process specification that we follow.

Sandwich Constructions

Aeroworks is experienced in producing complex shapes and assemblies with multiple core materials, such as meta-aramid material and foam core. Aeroworks uses the vacuum bagging process, with the core materials and prepregs to form our own sandwich panel products. This is done to meet the structural strength requirements of the design, while minimizing the weight of the product. Aeroworks can also apply core potting and edge filling materials to achieve the edge finish that is required by our customers.

Aeroworks engineering team designs the products using these materials and are available to work side by side with our customers to find the best solutions for optimizing the product design. It is essential to comply with the design requirements while keeping the manufacturing cost to a minimum. We also have experience making designs of composite constructions based on requirements provided by our customers. We work directly with material suppliers in order to form the material supply chain for the parts ourselves. However, we are also able to suggest alternative materials that will also meet the design requirements. With this we try and provide the lowest manufacturing cost possible.