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Interior Composites Seat Backs

Seat backs are also manufactured by Aeroworks as BTP. We do this together with the seat supplier understanding their needs and design look. Aeroworks has manufactured multiple designs of seat backs in various widths from 18 to 22 inch.

The frame of the seat back is commonly a tube design. This is wrapped epoxy prepreg around a inflatable mould. This is this filled with air, making the tube, and put in the oven to set. The mould can then be removed, creating the actual tube shape for the seat back design.
The inside area of the seat back is prepared from prepreg layup from the same epoxy resin materials. It is then brought on to the tube and placed in the tooling jig for the correct shape and form. This is pressed and hardened.
When removing, the seat back is almost complete, it will have to be trimmed with any additional cut outs where designed. The hook and loop take are also added at this point, but can also be bonded into the seat back during the press process as well. It is now ready for any further assembly work like adding aluminum parts needed for the head rest and the lower quadrants add added for mounting the seat back onto the seat frame.

Aeroworks ability to work closely with our customers has been very successful, with the capacity to make upwards of a 1000 seat backs a week. Aeroworks also does the qualification testing for the seat back deflection (FWD direction) and loads on the seat pan, testing for flexibility and strength as required.

Note: that with Aeroworks machining capabilities we can also manufacture all mounting hardware like the quadrants.