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Interior Composites Seats

Aeroworks has been working with Seat suppliers for the last 15 years. Various designs have been successfully designed tested and manufactured in multiple widths as required by the Seat OEM. Our customers are Seat OEM’s through in the aircraft industry. We have manufactured seat pans for Economy, Premium Economy Business Class and First Class seats. Aeroworks works closely with the OEM to manufacture these seat parts per BTP specifications. This is basically for the dimensioning look of the seat pan.

Aeroworks manufactures our own tooling from aluminum for these epoxy resin prepreg parts. These are pressed in our presses. The layup of the epoxy resin prepregs are calculated by Aeroworks design engineers for the strongest possible designs. This can also include any inserts or other necessary hardware that needs to be included in the designs. These are shared with the customer and approved before manufacturing.

The seat pans are then trimmed including any cut outs that belong in the customer design. They are then further completed with the assembly of various hinges, hook and loop tape (this can also be pressed into the parts as well) and item labels where necessary. The completed seat pan is ready to be installed on the seat. Aeroworks has the capacity to manufacture up to 2500 seat pans a week.