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Interior Composites Tubing And Ducting

Aeroworks is experienced in the production of both tubing and ducting parts. These range from simple laminated tubes and ducts to more complex curved or multi-part tubes and ducts. These tubes and ducts can be painted or have insulation material applied to them. Aeroworks can also manufacture these ducts with metal fittings when necessary.


Aeroworks can produce almost any shape of tubing, from simple straight tubing to tubing with several bends and openings, such as a forked tube. These tubes can be produced from any material necessary ranging from glass fiber to carbon or aramid fiber. Through the use of silicone bladders or dissolving moulds, Aeroworks is able to make almost any shape that is desired by our customers. Our engineering team is always available to discuss with customers the different manufacturing options and work with the clients to find the most cost-effective solution.


Aeroworks has experience producing several different types of ducts and ducting covers. These ducts can be laminated parts, or can include areas of sandwich construction. The sandwich construction areas can be made using honeycomb or foam core, or both depending on the component requirements. Depending on the shape and design of the duct, they can also be produced in several pieces and assembled together to form one final piece. All of the different options can be discussed with our engineering team to find the solution that the customer is most satisfied with.